Why We Give

The motto for our Chalkboard Advantage Program is “Giving Back to Those Who Give!”

Those who work in education, or in any capacity at a school district, sacrificed a lot, especially over the past year and a half +, for their pupils and their communities. We at Finance of America feel those in education deserve a little something, and that’s where our Chalkboard Advantage program comes in. We give back 1% of the loan amount at closing to go towards closing costs or  to buy down the interest rate. Please understand, these dollars being given back have no strings attached and we do not increase the rate to appear to be giving back. You should also know we have been doing this for hundreds of school employees over the past 5 years.

Educators and school staff work long hours and contribute their own time and money into ensuring that our youth are not only looked after but given the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the world. All of us, at some point, have been shaped by an educator. Whether it be in grade school, college, or even a trade. Nobody reaches their dreams without an educator or instructor in their corner!

This program gives back to those who spend their days and nights educating and cultivating the next generation.  Our education system doesn’t work without the relentless sacrifice of those who work throughout the sphere of education. If you work in school administration, work for a school board, or are a part of the support staff of a school, you qualify for the Chalkboard Advantage Program! Even more, if you work outside of a formal K-12 or University format as an Instructor or Teacher, you still qualify!

At Finance of America, we value all who make educating others their career, and we try and recognize that incredible service to our communities with our 1% back at closing. If you are reading this and thinking you might qualify and want to learn more, fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page, and a Chalkboard Loan Advisor will reach out to you! We have a knowledgeable and caring staff that will help guide you in your mortgage journey. Also, for more information on this fabulous program, you can also go to www.chalkboardadvantage.com.